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Outdoor sports activities are heating up in Qingdao 2023/3/24 source: International daily hit: 34 Print

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QINGDAO -- Outdoor sports activities are heating up across China as people are embracing diverse forms of sports while bathing in the warming spring breeze, which has concurrently spurred sports consumption.

The bathing beaches in east China's coastal city Qingdao are bustling as the water turns warm enough for a refreshing sea swimming. Groups of elder people are among the swimming fans.

"The swimming goggles had better be anti-fogging, and the expensive ones with higher quality are more durable than those that costs about 100 yuan," said Song Xueguang, a swimmer.

"I definitely won't take the swimsuit with poor elasticity. I have got seven or eight swimsuits at home, but I would buy a new one as long as I like it," said Cheng Liqin, another swimmer.