Promotion video of CMG Spring Festival Gala screened in cinemas, sport events in US 2023/1/20 source: Print

The promotion video of the Spring Festival Gala made by the China Media Group (CMG) has been screened in cinemas and sport events in the United States to share Chinese culture, traditions and customs.

Since Monday, the promotion film has been put on in AMC and Regal cinemas, covering 772 film screens and over 100 electronic screens at different cinema halls in cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It has been put on the screen of the TCL Chinese Theater, as a landmark of Hollywood, since Jan. 9.

In addition, the film has been screened at some venues of NBA games, enchanting the audience.

"I want to congratulate the CMG gala festival full success, and best wishes to the Chinese! Happy New Year!" said Andrew, a basketball fan.

The Spring Festival gala will also enter the United Nations, with the CMG's North America center to work with the UNSRC (UN Staff Recreation Council) Chinese Book Club to promote the program and Chinese culture.

The Spring Festival, known as the Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on the first day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar. The 2023 Spring Festival will fall on January 22, and the Spring Festival gala, as the most-anticipated show of all Chinese at that time, will be aired on the night of January 21, to welcome the advent of the New Year together with Chinese people at home and abroad.