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Experts gather in Qingdao to talk marine culture 2023/3/13 source: hit: 44 Print


Domestic experts and scholars gathered in Qingdao, Shandong province on March 11 to call for increasing study of China's marine culture and the promotion of greater ocean awareness among the public.

The China Marine Culture Research and Development Seminar brought together over 40 experts and scholars from across the country to discuss new situations, topics and tasks facing the study of China's marine culture.

Participants agreed joint efforts from academia are crucial to push forward research and education in marine culture.

A marine culture team at Ocean University of China, or OUC, unveiled two signature achievements during the seminar.

The first was the inclusion of "Theme on China Marine Culture" in the third edition of the Encyclopedia of China.

The Encyclopedia of China is a far-reaching cultural publishing project which began during China's reform and opening-up.

Zhang Jing, executive deputy Party secretary of the OUC, said this marks the first time marine culture has been included in the project.

The second was the release of the China Marine Culture Development Report (2016-2020). The report provides a comprehensive overview of China's development of marine culture and related studies during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020).

Xiu Bin, head of the marine culture team at the OUC and dean of the university's college of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication, discussed the team's focus on the history and theory of marine culture, as well as research and talent cultivation.

He added the team is dedicated to serving the country's major strategies and promoting cooperation and exchange both home and abroad.