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Qingdao has its first national tourism and leisure block 2023/3/18 source: International daily hit: 37 Print

International daily The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism has recently unveiled the second batch of national tourism and leisure blocks.The Qingdao Golden Beach Beer City Tourism and Leisure Block made the list, the first one in Qingdao.

Adjacent to Asia’s most beautiful Golden Beach in the east and the Tangdao Bay Coastal Park in the West, and inside the Phoenix Island National Tourist Spot, the Qingdao Golden Beach Beer City Tourism and Leisure Block boasts the world’s largest beer culture-themed square. The block rises to fame at home and abroad because of Qingdao International Beer Festival, where beer culture elements are seen on Music Avenue, Beer Avenue and Star Avenue. The Phoenix Sound Theatre inside the block, where Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival is held, is an important landmark in Qingdao known as an “island of music”.

By cultivating diversified business modes, the Golden Beach Beer City deepens the integration of beer with culture, tourism, sports, MICE, cultural and creative industry, and works to improve commercial activities including beer and fine food, bar and catering, leisure and recreation, sports and themed study travel. 54 brands have presence here, including 9 international brands.  (Ma Xiaoting)


The Golden Beach Beer City Tourism and Leisure Block.  By Xing Zhifeng