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Qingdao becoming park city 2023/3/18 source: International daily hit: 45 Print

The eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province has been ramping up development and improvement of various types of its greenery and landscapes in a bid to build itself into a park city.

Scattered urban green spaces, such as ecological zones, public parks, leisure parks and micro green landscapes, have been added in the city to provide more green space to the public and better meet people's higher expectations for a happy life.

Last year, the city launched a three-year action plan to promote urban renewal and urban construction, of which the park city construction action is an important component.

In the past year, 60 mountain parks, 163 kilometers of urban greenways, 79 pocket parks, 59 tree-lined corridors, and 114 micro green landscapes were built in the city, which exceeded the annual target.


An aerial photo of a mountain park in Qingdao [Photo/Qingdao Daily]

This year, Qingdao will carry out 101 park city construction projects, to include 57.8 kilometers of new or rebuilt coastal greenways, seven mountain parks, seven comprehensive parks, 80 pocket parks, 45 tree-lined corridors, and 113 micro green landscapes.

Efforts will also be made to create an ecological residential community, where lush mountains, lucid waters, flowers and grasses are an important part of daily life.

By 2025, the green land rate and green coverage rate are expected to be at least 36 percent and 40 percent respectively in the city, while the per capita green area of parks will be no less than 15 square meters.