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Qingdao packed with tourists to welcome the return of spring 2023/3/18 source: International daily hit: 40 Print

In the early spring, everything is vibrant with life in Qingdao. Travelling to Qingdao frequently appear on popular ranking lists.

Sea gulls of the Zhanqiao Pier, ambassadors of Qingdao tourism that citizens are proud of, gather in crowds and groups and fly across the limpid azure sky, astounding tourists who jostle one another on the Pier. It is seen from the air that the golden glazed tiles-cladded Huilan Pavilion are encircled by waves in the wake of passing pleasure-boats. Offshore, reefs, the sea and cityscape are blended, and sunshine decorate the sea surface like gold bits.

When all things are awakened, Liyuan buildings on Dabao Island see a stream of visitors. Tourists take enclosed yards, redwood staircases and six-grid glass windows into their photos. In a ancient Chinese style tea shop, young people get around a table to make tea. In a street cafe, gray-haired elderly chat while tasting coffee,  interesting “exchange experience” that embodies the block’s charm. The tradition and the modern have been perfectly integrated and everlasting vitality regenerates hustles and bustles in Liyuan buildings.

New business modes and new scenarios make Qingdao tourism stay innovative. It is worthwhile to board a pleasure boat to see the spectacular “red tiles and green trees, blue seas and azure sky” on the sea. In the cloud-clapped Tsingtao Haitian View & Art, art exhibitions, talk shows and art performances deliver fabulous art experience to tourists, and the “diamond corner” built of full height transparent glass in the urban sightseeing hall recently emerges as the best location for photoing. On weekends, music can be heard everywhere on Xiaomai Island. With carefree singers and devoted listeners, the ordinary island finds enormous favor with tourists as an “island of music”, and receives around 90,000 tourists on festivals or holidays.

(Ma Xiaoting)


 1. Take a speedboat from Huilan Pavilion on the Zhanqiao Pier, leaving behind waves on the sea surface.  By Zhao Jianpeng


 2. Set in the sea, Xiaomai Island concert is casual but romantic.  By Yu Hao