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Qingdao boosts tourism by bringing new life to old sites 2023/3/24 source: hit: 44 Print


Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo/VCG]

Unique tourism culture in Qingdao, Shandong province combining old Liyuan architecture with new modern amenities has interested travelers at home and abroad.

The Liyuan buildings were built by Germans for local Chinese residents during Germany's administration of Qingdao from 1898 to 1914. Their design style resembles an elevated quadrangle courtyard, which has combined the structure of traditional Chinese courtyards with western architectural style. The ancient buildings have recently gained a new lease of life.

Dabaodao Cultural and Leisure Street, which has benefited from this distinct tourism culture, was considered charming for its long history, as well as its modern facilities, which gave tourists a refreshing experience, according to a Hong Kong traveler who has toured around the place.

The words "diverse, innovative, and fashionable" can be used to describe the street, where visitors can see distinctive tea shops, coffee shops that sell clothes, as well as stores that sell creative cultural items with Qingdao characteristics.

The street has been selected as the site for a recent urban art festival with a "Spring Tour around Dabaodao" theme, during which over 40 entertaining activities will be launched. Visitors can enjoy both art performances, such as popular and classical concerts, as well as the area's beautiful views and numerous shopping amenities.

The renovation of historical urban areas was part of measures taken by Shibei district, home to Dabaodao, to make full use of local tourist resources to revitalize its tourism sector and stimulate consumption.

Moreover, the district is trying to renovate a beer street on Dengzhou Road and a local home port for cruises. Parks, areas for leisure and entertainment, as well as popular landmarks have been built along the beer street. Its walls are decorated with colorful paintings and it is expected to become a new calling card for Qingdao's tourism. More sea routes and more cruise-related businesses will also be developed.

The district is keen on designing tourism products that appeal to tourists and is looking to ride the wave of the upcoming 2023 Shandong Tourism Development Conference to increase exposure of local tourism.

It will also continue to improve the quality of all-for-one tourism and promote the high-quality development of is tourism industry in the next three years.