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Qingdao unveils a new plan of urban renewal 2023/3/24 source: International daily hit: 34 Print

The Qingdao Plan of Urban Renewal and Construction (2021-2035) has been unveiled. The plan has specified renewal targets, strategies and methods and is seen by the insiders as an important part of systematically promoting urban renewal in Qingdao.

In light of the plan, Qingdao has analyzed the latest trends in renewal of global advanced cities, studies the current realities and conditions, drawn the experience of other Chinese cities in renewal planning and practice and set the renewal target of transforming Qingdao into a modern and international socialist metropolis for the new era featuring high-quality development, high-quality life and high-efficiency governance. According to the plan, Qingdao will coordinate efforts in reshaping urban structure, using intensively the land, expanding industrial spaces, improving urban functions, enhancing operating efficiency, enhancing human settlement, revitalizing historical resources and restoring ecological environment.

Qingdao will prioritize renovation of old urban residential communities, adhere to the principle of “asking the opinions of the people, catering to the needs of the people” and coordinate construction of facilities of all kinds aimed at building “15 minutes living circles”. In terms of renovation of old plants, the old plants that have made the industrial heritage list will focus on conservation, renewal and upgrading. Historical and cultural block will be mainly conserved and renovated according to the criteria of Chinese historically and culturally famous cities and by revitalizing, rebuilding and upgrading the buildings, environment, public spaces and public infrastructure on top of protecting historical and cultural resources. In terms of renewal of old commercial districts, efforts will be ramped up to improve such traditional business districts as Zhongshan Road, Taidong, Hong Kong Middle Road, Licun and Zhengyang Road.

Furthermore, the Plan has listed top priorities for urban renewal and urban construction, aimed at fostering a renewal engine featuring “one core and five poles”. Specifically, the Plan calls for invigorating the historical urban districts, leading the renewal of Qingdao’s old town, enhancing the city level of Qingdao, improving the Fushan Bay area, reshape the Qingdao Railway North Passenger Station area, updating the Road Zhuzhou to Zhangcunhe area, reshaping the surrounding area of Liuting Airport, upgrading the bonded port zone and fostering the growth poles of the city.   (Wang Bingjie)


The Qingdao Taiping Mountain Central Park after renewal.  By Liu Dong


 An aerial view of Qingdao coastal green lanes.  By Liu Dong